9h30 – 10h00: Pickup at hotel transfer to Đá Bạc port for go to Visit the Island.. Arrive by boat. Visit island by Tuk Tuk with beautiful scenery on the island. –          Bãi Chướng: The first place to see the sunrise on the island, it is like the picture when the sun came out .-          Turtle Island : You are free to take pictures with “Old Turtle of Bình Ba ” in the way called the intimate of the people here .-          Điện Địa Tạng Island :  you can pray for peace for yourself and your family, associated with the spiritual life of the people of the island. 11h00: You move up the raft, free to visit seafood cages. Have lunch with seafood dishes rich bold culture of cuisine of the island:
  • Mixed fish (special specialties)
  • Types of snail (seasonal).
  • Squid pan fry
  • Salad of Mai fish
  • Steamed shrimp
  • Seafood hot pot.
  • Stir-fried vegetables
  • Fresh rice noodles, rice paper
  • Fruit
13h00: Continue the trip, you visit Bãi Nồm – one of the most beautiful beaches in Binh Ba, free to visit the sea bath, watching the coral in the Thủy Tiên area with colorful colors. 16h30: You visit Binh Ba market experience cultural special market of the people on the island, buying specialties for the family, relatives. Then return to the port of ship to return to the mainland, car you to return to the original point. Finish the trip and see you again. Contact: (+84) (258) 3599.789 – (+84) (258) 599.668