Morning: Picking up at the hotel (located inside Nha Trang City only) and departing for Van Gia pier. On the way, learning more about Khanh Hoa’s landmark such as Ro Tuong, Banh It Mountain pass… 08:30 Arriving in Van Gia and boarding speedboat to Diep Son Island. The journey takes around 45mins to 1 hour. While on board, enjoying Van Phong Bay’s scenery, it is as picturesque as Ha Long Bay 09:30 Speedboat arrives at Diep Son Island. Exploring the island and visiting the 700m of underwater passage. The passage that connects the 3 islands has the width of 1m and is 0.5m submerged under the water. Taking photos of Diep Son pier, Diep Son temple, Bip Island and Diep Son mountain. Then, continuing to Diep Son village with only around 100 households. 11:00 relaxing and enjoying lunch with seafood • Squid steak •Grilled shrimp • Grilled Fish Grilled / Grilled Fish • Pork ribs •Seafood hotpot •Stir-fried vegetable • Rice, noodles, rice paper • Fruit desserts 13:30 Boarding the speedboat and heading back to pier. Departing for Doc Let beach. It is free time to exploring, swimming, taking photos at Doc Let beach 16:00 Boarding the bus and returning back to Nha Trang. On the way