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Khách sạn ALE NHA TRANG được xây dựng đẹp mắt với thiết kế lịch lãm cùng với kiến trúc hiện đại. Tọa lạc tại trung tâm thương mại & du lịch, ngay khu phố Tây nổi tiếng sầm uất của thành phố Nha Trang xinh đẹp, chỉ cần vừa bước chân ra khỏi khách sạn, quý khách đã có thể tản bộ dọc theo khu phố rực rỡ nhất về đêm của Nha Trang, nơi luôn thu hút lượng lớn du khách thỏa thích mua sắm, thưởng thức đặc sản biển tươi ngon tại vô số nhà hàng, quán bar theo nhiều phong cách Á – Âu,…

Tour 4 islands of Nha Trang


 With a low and reasonable cost, the 4 island tour – Nha Trang Bay  is full of elements: happiness – comfort – refreshment – deliciousness

You will be visiting 4 most beautiful islands of Nha Trang.

Guests of the tour shall be picked up at the hotel  by new air-conditioner and transferred by high-class, clean, spacious canoe.

During the journey, you will hear “funny” and “mysterious” jokes by experienced tour guides

Sitting on high-end canoes, you do not be kicked up and down by crowds but shall sit very comfortably. When the canoe ran out to the sea far and away, the cool, pleasant breeze began to “surf over your face and body” creating an indescribable feeling of enjoy mixed with happiness.

The rushing waves on the side of the boat, hearing the “crazy” sound in the ears makes visitors relentlessly excited.

08h0-08h30: Tour guide will pick you up at the appointed location, depart to explore Nha Trang Bay

09h30: Arrive at Coral Bay or Hon Mun

Here, you are free to swim, delight to explore the colorful coral reefs under the blue water, or can participate in sports services on the beach such as diving, scuba diving on the boat … (expenses excluded).

11h30: Arrive at Fishing Village – Hon Mot

You will be able to try the sport game on the sea with excited & strong feelings such as: water motor, parasailing, banana float, windsurfing (expenses excluded).

Group lunch on raft with seafood menu:

Sweet and sour squid, Grilled minced fish, Grilled shrimp, Fried egg, Steamed rice, rice vermicelli, rice paper, Seafood hotpot, fried ribs, White rice, Fruit dessert, iced tea

You can enjoy fresh seafood on floating restaurants (personal expense).

13h30: Arrive at Bai Tranh A beautiful quiet beach dreaming in the middle of the sea, an ideal space to rest

14h00: Visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium – a unique tourist destination, here, visitors have the opportunity to visit, see marine life in the ocean, and explore the rich diversity of marine creatures tropical zone.

15h30: Car and guide take you back to the hotel.

End the program and see you next time!

Tour package include: High speed boat, HDV, Lunch, Spring water, Travel insurance.

Tickets to the islands to visit: Coral Bay, Bai Tranh, Islet, Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Snorkel goggles swim watching corals

Not included: Other personal expenses.

Note: The tour of visiting 4 islands may change but still ensure the full schedule.

Children: Under 1m free of charge; From 1m-1m3: 50% of ticket price; From 1m3 upwards: same price as adults


VND 600,000 / Adult traveling by canoe

(Please contact +84 258 3599789/0919981747 to register the tour)


Surely everyone knows when they go on island tours, what do they need? However, it is possible that for some reason you always forget the necessary things to go on an island tour. So to be sure not to forget, write down on paper or save somewhere these items offline:

  • Money (someone went on a tour but forgot it, not a joke).
  • Phone, video camera if available.
  • Rechargeable battery backup.
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Wide-brimmed hat.
  • Sandals
  • Nice cloths to check-in on the shore.
  • 1 bathing suit to check-in under the sea.
  • Towels to dry body
  • Shopping bags
  • Selfie stick.
  • Phone protective pack
  • Bring extra drinking water separately.
  • Shampoos and bath soaps.